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Holding Zagora actively supports sport via CITY hotel

“We are the best sports hotel”, says the team

The community of Stara Zagora is not really acquainted with the fact, that Holding Zagora is strongly committed to the cause to turn the city into a city of sports. In City hotel, owned by Holding Zagora, many of the sports clubs in our city are accommodated at a very low rate. “Practically, we are a sponsor of all these teams”, says the management of the holding. The teams are: basketball club Beroe, men’s and women’s teams, coaching managers of the professional football team Beroe, some of the managers of football team Vereya and some of the team star players.


„We are the best sports hotel“. More than 90% of the sports events in Stara Zagora are related to our hotel regarding accommodation, again at very preferential conditions. The sports we work very well with, except basketball and football, are wrestling, martial arts, chess, volleyball, badminton, shooting, offroad, athletics, futsal, sports dancing, tennis. In this way, we support the efforts of the Municipality management, for whom this is a lasting politics.