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About us

"Holding Zagora" Ltd, Stara Zagora, is a holding company established on November 14th , 2000. It is a modern business structure, organized and functioning in accordance with the European standards and with high efficiency in the management of its business components.

Холдинг Загора АД

The Holding owns majority stakes or in other words the complete property of the most important and industrial plants which structurally define the economics of the Municipality of Stara Zagora. The close cooperation between them contributes to the successful development of an appropriate business environment, increased competitiveness and realization of a profitable growth of the Holding.

Nearly 2,000 people work among the holding companies which constantly improve their social and living conditions. The employees are provided with free lunch and snack, medical and dental care.

The employees also can enjoy the recreational facilities of the Holding at preferential prices.

The holding companies are active in the supply and implementation of projects under operational programs of the European Union. Sustainable high-quality production, competitiveness on the European and world markets, as well as environment awareness and care has been achieved by the holding companies.

The strategy of "Holding Zagora" Ltd is consistent with market trends and economic conditions of the international market. A defining strategic goal for satisfaction of the customers, both Bulgarian and international, is optimal ratio between quality and affordable price.